In darkness I create, in black I swear by, in misfits I trust. The alternative world comforts me, the unique things inspire me. People and places inspire me. I believe we are so powerful, strong, beautiful, passionate and out of this world by nature. But then some people conform to the norms, while others don’t. They create their own stories. They are those who break the rules, live in their world, unafraid to show their true colors. They are warriors. And if you too are one, welcome to the fam, welcome to Kali Rose, dark fashion brand for all the misfits, rebels and BADasses.

Here, I design clothes that match your personality or rather emphasize it. I get my inspiration from the alternative, post apocalyptic and dark fashion because it gives me so much freedom. Freedom to experiment and express. Freedom to be myself, to overdress or underdress, show some skin or cover fully, be extravagant or extremely comfortable. And that’s shown in my fashion collections.

Each fashion collection I create is a bit different from the others. Some bring the sexiness out of you, some the festival rager, some the warrior and others your laid back all-black-everything self. My fashion designs allow you to have multiple personas, multiple selves. You don’t have to be just one thing, you can be a million things at the same time. You can own yourself truly, your personality, your sexuality. With Kali Rose, you can totally be you. And what’s better than that?

Kali, ‘SHE WHO IS BLACK’, is a Hindu Goddess represented as both, a destroyer of evil forces and a goddess of creation, power and change. That’s who I am, that’s who you can become.

Katarina Luka / Designer & Founder


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