Fashion is fluid. It comes and goes. New styles and different trends are born constantly. People follow these trends as they want to be on top of the game. They want to be fashionable. They want to be IN. They follow these so-called influencers and they look up to them. And that’s all good, but some trends go out of style faster than others. And other pieces stay “in style” for a lifetime. They are timeless, they are must-haves. Does your style include black must-haves?

So, go on and take a look at your wardrobe. If you don’t have these in your closet, girl, you need to upgrade it. If you want to be boring and always go and buy these must-haves from popular shops, risking the chance that one day you are going to run up to a girl that is dressed exactly like you, go on. But, if you are cool and awesome and a little different than the rest, check these designed must-haves by Kali Rose. Yes, I said designed. Straight away, it means that you are going to have timeless must-haves that only a few people in the world have. Cool, ain’t it?

1. The Black Leather Jacket

black must-haves

Classy and sassy, both at the same time. Well, it can’t get better than that. Black vegan leather with brown-goldish details to make the “crocodile-effect”. A nice refreshment to the traditional black leather jacket that was beginning to get popular in the 1920s with Harley Davidson making the first motorcycle jacket that was sold for $5.50 in New York City.

2. The Little Black Dress

Since first introduced by Coco Chanel in 1926, the little black dress notion has changed dramatically. Women are now seen as Boss ladies who run the world. They have the freedom to express themselves, show or cover their skin and do whatever they like. It is a way cooler version of the simple black dress as it is asymmetric, short, bold, with strict edges, a turtleneck, leather details and a way cooler name – Restless Expanse. It breathes power and makes a clear statement. This is one of the strongest black must-haves.

black must-haves

3. The Black Leggings

The black leggings with a twist. A perfect fashion combination of comfort and style. Cotton and leather. It can be worn on multiple occasions depending on how they are styled. If you opt for a more casual look, they can be styled with cool sneakers and a black hoodie. If you have a bit of alternative kind of style there is nothing a good leather boot can’t solve. And if you prefer a bit classier look, play around with what goes well with heels.

black must-haves

4. The Black Top

Now we are talking! The laced back gives me life! This black top can play tricks on you as it has a “double personality”. From the front, it gives you the innocent kind of look while the back awakens the sexiness in you! It is the perfect shirt to wear on a night out when you don’t want to overdress but still want to look sexy and distinguishable.

5. The Cardigan

Bold, unique and extremely comfortable. A cardigan that speaks volumes. Super easy to combine – you can wear it on a night out or a casual afternoon/evening stroll. It makes perfect festival wear that would make you look like a fashion influencer yourself. Combine it with jeans, skirts, dresses, whatever you like. Either way, you will look bomb.

And that’s all for now, folks! For all of you that don’t have some/any of these black must-haves or would like to upgrade your wardrobes, you are more than welcome to shop Kali Rose.

black must-haves

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